Decals (EM4)

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  • Decals are high-quality textures, that can be used for street markings etc.

    1 Decals

    Decals are textures, that have to be placed on the terrain.They have a higher resolution than the usual floor textures and can be used for street markings and other detailed parts of the floor texture.

    The decial dialog window shows a list with all available decal textures in the right column. The left column shows the already placed decals. If you choose a decal texture from the right column, you can place it on the map.

    Existing decal textures can be seleceted by left clicking, the texture will be colored red in this case. With the left mouse button you can move the decal texture arround, with the right mouse button you can rotate it. The scale of the texture is adjusted by the options "Width" and "Height".

    If you want to add new decal textures, you'll have to add it as .dds file in the folder '/textures/decals' in the EMERGENCY 4 modification folder. You can create as many subfolders in this directory as you want.