File structur (EM4)

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  • List of necessary folders and their naming in order to create modifications for EMERGENCY 4.

    1 File structur

    If you create modifications with the EMERGENCY 4 editor, the editor creates the folders automatically in the mods folder of the game, containing several sub-folders and files.

    In order to create modifications, more folders are necessary. These can be created with right mouse click, New and a click on Folder. You can add all missing folders by this way.

    1.1 Models & Prototypes

    For the creation of persons, houses, vehicles and objects you need the folders Models andPrototypes. In these two folders, there have to be four sub-folders.

    The structur of the folders can be chosen by yourself. The original game uses Vehicles and Persons and the sub-folders Ambulance, Fire Department, Police, TEC and Civil. But you can also name these folders by choice.

    Whether you want to sort them by car brands (Audi, VW, Mercedes), organization (Police, fire department, rescue service etc.) or by every single vehicle, you can choose a proper system by your own. But you should use the same system in Models and Prototypes, in order to keep the system simple.

    1.2 Scripts

    In case of the scripts, you'll have to separate them by the type of the script. The folder Scripts contains the folder Game. In this folder you'll have to create the folders Mission and Command.

    The folder Command contains all scripts used by persons and vehicles. The folder Mission contains all scripts used by missions or the freeplay mode.

    1.3 Specs

    The folder Specs contains several .xml files. These files are responsible for different settings in the game, the incident frequency and messages in the game.

    1.4 UI

    The folder UI contains several .xml and image files. These files are responsible for the creation of the in-game interface.

    1.5 Units

    The folder Units contains several .xml files responsible for the unit specs in the game. You also can place unit images files for the unit browser in this place.

    1.6 Audio

    The folder Audio contains all sound effects and voice samples.

    1.7 Lang

    The folder Lang contains written texts separated by the differnt language versions.