Ambient occlusion map (QSF)

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  • Information about the texture type "Ambient occlusion map"

    1 General

    File extention:*_ao.tif
    Description:Overcast lighting (indirect lighting / shadowing) (1 = light; 0 = shadow)

    2 What is ambient occlusion?

    Ambient occlusion represents non-directional shadowing of a scene / asset like overcast lighting.

    3 How do we get this result in realtime?

    3.1 Screen space ambient occlusion

    Screen space ambient occlusion is the indrectional shadowing of the raw geometry of a scene. It's a screen space post processing effect of the engine, procedurally generated. The detail amount depents on the raw geometry.

    === Ambient occlusion map ===
    With screen space ambient occlusion there are no indirect shadows in surface details. For that we need ambient occlusion information texture based. The resolution is an ambient occlusion map.

    4 Tutorials

    YouTube list "bake + ambient + occlusion + from + highpoly"
    Bake ambient occlusion maps