Floor texture (EM4)

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  • The base of every level is a floor texture. All graphical details of the floor have to be drawn to an image file which will be the floor of the whole level.

    1 Floor texture

    1.1 General

    Floor textures are the base for every level in EMERGENCY 4. They are also called map textures. You can place objects on the floor and units can drive on it. Floor can be imagined as graphical and hand-drawn satellite images containing the floor structures of the map. The following specifications have to be fulfilled by the textures.

    1.1.1 Dateiformat

    EMERGENCY 4 does only accept the 'Targa Image Format' for the import of floor textures. The file ending is .tga. These .tga-files have to be saved as 24-Bit (uncompressed) files. Most of the common graphic programms offer this preferences in the save dialog.

    1.1.2 Size

    The engine only allows special sizes of the texture. The smallest size is 512×512 pixel - the biggest one 8192×8192 pixel. Between these two sizes the texture can have any size if you can divide the number through 512 with integer as result (e.g. if you multiple 512 with 16, you'll get 8192 pixel, with is the maximum size.

    The following graphic shows any possible dimension of the floor texture. The blue rectangle is the smallest one, the green rectangle the biggest texture size. This is equal to the size of the freeplay, campaign and multiplayer maps.

    1.2 Import

    First press [kbd]F2[/kbd]. In the new window you can choose Floor - Import texture. Next you'll have to choose the folder, where your raw texture file was saved. Click on the file and confirm with OK, then the import starts.

    1.3 Possible sizes

    As already mentioned, the smallest size is 512x512 pixel, the biggest size is 8192x8192 pixel. If the texture is smaller than the biggest size, the engine fills the empty space with the same textur until the whole map is covered by the texture.

    2 Summary

    • The dimensions of your texture have to be the multiple of 512
    • The texture has to be saved as uncompressed 24-bit tga-file
    • The maximum size is 8192 x 8192 pixel
    • Scale: One meter in the real world is 12,5 pixel in-game. The maximum size of the map is 655,36 square meter