Chapter 7: Programs

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  • General information about programs, which can be used for the modification of EMERGENCY 4.

    1 7-Zip

    7-Zip is a free open source program for the compression of data. Most of the downloads in the EMERGENCY community message boards are packed as RAR or ZIP files, so the installation of the program is recommended.

    If you want to download the program, just visit the website in your web browser. In the middle of the page you'll find a box on the left site. Whether you use a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, you'll have to choose the right version. If your aren't sure about your operating system, just use the 32-bit version. In the next step you'll be forwarded to the download page.

    On the following page you'll have to wait some time, then the download window will open from it's own. If the download window doesn't appear, you can start the download with a click on 'direct link' in the upper part of the site.

    In dependency of your web browser, there will be a new window with the options 'Save' or 'Save file' or the file will be downloaded automatically into your download folder. Most common this will be the folder called 'Downloads'.

    Now double-click the file and the installation window will open. Approve all messages from your OS, adjust the installation path if you want and install 7-Zip by clicking 'Install' onto your computer.

    In the last step you'll have to click on 'Finish' in order to complete the installation.

    2 Notepad++

    Noterpad ++ is a free text editor and simplifies the processing of scripts and XML files. The installation isn't mandatory for this tutorial, you can do all steps without Notepad++. But we recommend the installation, because the editing of scripts will be much easier with this program.

    For downloading Notepad++ we visit the offical website in the web browser. On the left side you'll find an orange box, by clicking the Button 'Download' you'll be forwarded to the download page. On the following site you can click the green-white button 'Download' in the middle of the page. Then save the file on your computer.

    Double-click the file and start the installation process. Approve all questions, choose a language and click yourself trough the installation process. After the installation the program starts itself and you can approve all update messages. Then close the program.

    3 Graphic editing program

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