Master-Tutorial (EM4)

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  • Welcome to the EMERGENCY 4 Master Tutorial - this guide will help you with the first steps of the long path to your first own modification! The aim of this guide is to explain all facets of the modding world for EMERGENCY 4 and to offer beginners the most varied support. For this, all important components of the modding are explained step by step.

    To make the entry into EMERGENCY modding, we consider basic knowledge in dealing with computers, Windows and various application software as a prerequisite for a successful run through this manual.

    For questions and problems, a topic can be opened at any time in the modding section of the EMERGENCY FanForum.

    In the introduction to the master tutorial the most important information of the EMERGENCY modding is presented and initial steps are explained.

    This chapter explains how to download and insert new models step by step. Also the installation of wheels and doors is treated.

    Further models should be added to the project. The different download variants of the models are treated and the ReadMe is kept up-to-date.

    Behind this strange sounding headline you can find the topic of lights, what traits are and what special attention must be paid to ladders and tankers.

    This chapter takes a look at the maps of EMERGENCY 4. In addition, the freeplay map is to be changed and a fire station to be inserted.

    Chapter 6 covers the scripts of EMERGENCY 4 and explains in detail the individual scripts that you need for your project.

    For individual modding steps different programs are required - in chapter 7 you will learn which tools are needed!