Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • In this category frequently asked questions by the users of the EMERGENCY and Emergency Call 112 Fanforum are listed and answered. The service staff is always at your disposal for answering non-listed questions in the forum.

    1 General

    When did you found the EMERGENCY Fanforum?
    The EMERGENCY community message boards were opened on the 16th of Januar 2005 at 16:04 CET by the EMERGENCY fan pages,, and

    What software does the forum use?
    The forum uses the software Woltlab Burning Board in the latest version. The functionality is supplemented by numerous plugins and extensions.

    How can I support the forum?
    The operation of the forum and the associated servers is associated with considerable costs. The EMERGENCY FanForum is financed exclusively through advertising revenues.
    In order to support the forum, it is sufficient not to use adblockers or to disable them at least for the forum.

    Who manages and moderates the forum?
    A list of current administrators and moderators can be found on the team page.

    How do I become a moderator?
    There is no way to apply as a moderator for the EMERGENCY Fan Forum. If we need new moderators, appropriate candidates will be contacted by the administration of the forum. The decision which one we consider as candidate depends primarily on the behavior in the forum.

    2 Warnings and more severe warnings

    What are warnings?
    A warning is used to inform a user if he or she has committed a breach of the rules of the EMERGENCY and Emergency Call 112 FanForum. Warnings have no direct consequences and are comparable to a notification of the user via a private message.

    What are more severe warnings?
    If the same offense occurs in spite of the issuing of warnings, or if a serious violation occurs, the EMERGENCY and Emergency Call 112 FanForum staff member's will give more severe warnings. These stricter warnings have disciplinary character and lead to the exclusion from the forum with the receipt of the fourth severe warning.

    Can other users see my warnings and stricter warnings?
    The number of warnings and severe warnings and the reasons are only visible to yourself and the moderators of the EMERGENCY and Emergency Call 112 FanForum. Other users can not see how many warnings and severe warnings you have received.

    Are my warnings and severe warnings limited in time?
    Provided warnings and severe warnings are not limited in time, they remain unrestricted. In the case of very old, severe warnings, there is the possibility that a moderator will withdraw the respective warning. Warnings are generally not withdrawn and remain unrestricted.

    What are the reasons for a warning and a severe warning?
    In principle, warnings and severe warnings are issued in the event of violations of the Forum's terms uf use. Furthermore, there is the possibility to pronounce individual sanctions in case of inappropriate and disturbing behavior.

    3 Modding area

    I want to create a modification. In which area does my topic has to be posted?
    If you are still alone and you are looking for a team for your modification, your post will be right placed in the "Team Search" subforum. If you have already found a team and have a concept and first work done, you can present major modifications in the "Modding projects" subforum. Smaller work such as individual models and maps can be presented in the "Presentation" subforum.

    When can I open a topic in the subforums "Modding projects" and "Presentation"?
    Topics can only be opened in these areas if there is at least one in-game or editor screenshot for the respective work and the image material shows essential components of the modification or the work.

    How do I get my own subforum for my modification?
    Each modding team can qualify for their own subforum via an application process. For this purpose, an application with the name of the team, a list of the individual team members including positions, information on past and current work and information on current modding projects (including concept and image material) must be sent to the email address The board team will then deal with the application and, if necessary, set up a subforum for the team.

    4 Case study area

    How do I make a case study correct?
    Information on how to create a case study can be found in the case studies FAQ and the rules for creating case studies.

    5 Off-topic area

    What topics are allowed in the off-topic area?
    The off-topic section is intended for all topics that can not be assigned to any of the other forums. It is expressly desired to discuss topics that are not related to EMERGENCY or other PC games.

    Which topics are not allowed in the off-topic area?
    Undesirable are so-called board-games (topics that only serve to collect posts or the pastime of users), inquiries or offers for animated graphics and photographs as well as topics with legal and medical questions.

    6 WebDisk

    How do I create a WebDisk entry correctly?
    The guidelines for creating WebDisk entries can be found in our WebDisk Guidelines