Scripting (EM4)

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  • On this page you can find all articles related to the creation of scripts for EMERGENCY 4. The most important component is the scripting SDK, which lists all the scripting functions available in EMERGENCY 4. In addition, additional help is offered, e.g. the explanation of sample scripts and scripting tools. Further explanations are available on the most common problems and difficulties of the script interpreter of EMERGENCY 4.

    The Scripting SDK lists all the script commands available for EMERGENCY 4.

    With patch 1.3 for EMERGENCY 4 extensive new script functions are available.

    Editor scripts are small scripts specially adapted to the EMERGENCY 4 Editor with certain functions.

    Mission scripts are the basis of any campaign modifications and are required for large projects.

    Here you can find some sample scripts including explanations.

    Various descriptions and workarounds for error messages of the script interpreter.

    A beginner-friendly tutorial explaining how to create your own scripts.

    Command scripts are the base of any action that an object can do on the map and should do.