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  • General information about EMERGENCY 2014.

    1 EMERGENCY 2014

    "EMERGENCY 2014" was released on the 15th of November 2013 by Developer Quadriga Games and publisher Deep Silver. The addon contains all content from EMERGENCY 2012 and EMERGENCY 2013 and extends the campaign by four additional missions. In the new mini-campaign, the asteroid "Caligula" is heading towards the Earth and is separating in heavy and small fragments. One of the four new campaign missions is playing in the past for the very first time. In the year 1890 a fire on a farm caused by precipitates of the asterisks falling from the sky has to be insulated with fire fighting cars and historical firefighters. In addition to the four new missions, EMERGENCY 2014 offers a new firedepartment helicopter and a redesigned and scenario-adapted free-play card.

    2 Missionen

    2.1 Further information

    In EMERGENCY 2014, there is a number of awards to be gained through clever playing and solving of tasks. The following is a list of all successes.

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