Mission 04 (EMERGENCY 2013)

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  • Information on the fourth mission in EMERGENCY 2013.
    == EMERGENCY 2013 - Mission 04 ==

    1 Rome, St. Peter's Square

    One drilling still needs to be completed to eliminate the risk of an eruption! The drilling is in St. Peter's Square in Rome. A nearby eruption has already done a lot of damage. The Pope and workers at the drilling location have been buried by the rubble! Save all the casualties and remain on alert!

    TitleRome, St. Peter's Square
    PlaceRome, St. Peter's Square

    2 Tasks

    • Find all missing persons (5)
    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital! (6 + 2)
    • Extinguish all fires!

    3 Available units

    • 2x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 2x Ambulance
    • 1x Air Ambulance
    • 2x Search and Rescue Dog Vehicle
    • 2x Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    • 1x Recovery Helicopter
    • 3x Water Tanker
    • 1x Water Tender
    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 1x Firefighting drone
    • 2x Fire Tank
    • 3x Emergency Doctor
    • 3x Paramedics
    • 2x SAR Dog
    • 13x Firefighter
    • 9x Firefighter with Respirator Mask

    4 Awards

    • Disaster in Rome managed with ease!