Mission 01 (EMERGENCY 2013)

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  • Information about the first mission of EMERGENCY 2013.
    == EMERGENCY 2013 - Mission 01 ==

    1 Sylt

    Multiple cases of seismic activity have been registered in various parts of Europe. Because of this, deep drilling is being conducted to ease the pressure and solve the problem. As a result, a small volcano has erupted off the coast of the Island of Sylt in the North Sea. A submersible and a freighter collided, resulting in an explosion. Extinguish all fires and save all the people that remain adrift! Prevent any damage to the drilling platform!


    2 Tasks

    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (7)!
    • Extinguish all fires!

    3 Available units

    • 1x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 1x Ambulance
    • 1x Air Ambulance
    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 1x Firefighting drone
    • 1x Motor-Boat Transport Vehicle
    • 1x Motor-Boat
    • 1x Fire-boat
    • 2x Emergency Doctor
    • 2x Paramedics
    • 2x Firefighter
    • 1x Firefighter with Respirator Mask

    4 Awards

    • The spreading of fires in the vicinity of Sylt has been contained perfectly!