Mission 14 (Deluxe) (EMERGENCY 2012)

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  • Information about the fourteenth mission of EMERGENCY 2012.
    == EMERGENCY 2012 - Mission 14 (Deluxe) ==

    1 Burning Oil Layer!

    At an artificial jackup rig off the Italian coast, underwater construction works are carried out at an energy line from the solar power plant in Africa to Europe. During a thunderstorm on the high sea an oil tanker has sprung a leak. Oil is leaking and was inflamed by an explosion. The fires endanger the jackup rig. Extinguish the fires and protect the jackup rig to secure the start-up of the power line! Rescue the oil tanker crew!

    TitleBurning Oil Layer!
    PlaceOff the Tuscany coast

    2 Tasks

    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (10)!
    • Extinguish all fires!

    3 Available units

    • 4x Fire-Boat
    • 1x Motor-Boat
    • 2x Air Ambulance
    • 2x Paramedics
    • 2x Emergency Doctor
    • 4x Firefighter