Mission 13 (Deluxe) (EMERGENCY 2012)

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  • Information about the thirteenth mission of EMERGENCY 2012.
    == EMERGENCY 2012 - Mission 13 (Deluxe) ==

    1 Explosion in Chemical Plant!

    A giant high-tech solar power plant is being built in the Sahara. When it'll be brought on line, there'll be no need for energy from coal-fired power plants worldwide. However, construction works are delayed because of an accident at a supplier's. Due to the drought a forest fire occured at the company's production and research area and caused a severe accident. Extinguish all fires, rescue all injured and chemically toxicated people and download the most important data from the labs.

    Number13 (Deluxe)
    TitleExplosion in Chemical Plant!
    PlaceRuhr area, chemical plant

    2 Tasks

    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (4)!
    • Extinguish all fires!
    • Detoxicate all toxicated people (8)!
    • Download data from the labs (3)!

    3 Available units

    • 2x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 2x Ambulance
    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 3x Water Tanker
    • 3x Fire Tank
    • 2x Decontamination Vehicle
    • 1x Firefighting Plane Command Vehicle
    • 1x Air Ambulance
    • 1x Engineer's Vehicle
    • 2x Emergency Doctor
    • 2x Paramedics
    • 1x Engineer
    • 11x Firefighter
    • 7x Firefighter with Respirator Mask
    • 6x Firefighter with Hazmat Suit