Mission 06 (EMERGENCY 2012)

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  • Information about the sixth mission of EMERGENCY 2012.
    == EMERGENCY 2012 - Mission 06 ==

    1 Storm Surge in Hamburg

    Wide parts of Hamburg are flooded after huge thunderstorms caused a storm surge. The harbor at the Elbe River and the area around the Reeperbahn are under water. Rescue the people in your operational area and avoid people getting hurt!

    TitleStorm Surge in Hamburg
    PlaceHamburg, Reeperbahn

    2 Tasks

    • Detect all drowned civilian vehicles and lift them ashore (4)!
    • Rescue all injured drivers from their civilian vehicles (4)!
    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (10)!
    • Rescue all seamen from the sinking ship (3)!
    • Rescue all people drifting in the water (3)!
    • Rescue all people from their rooftops (6)!

    3 Available units

    • 1x Heavy Rescue Vehicle
    • 1x Motor-Boat Transport Vehicle
    • 1x Motor-Boat
    • 1x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 2x Ambulance
    • 1x Air Ambulance
    • 1x Heavy Duty Tow Truck
    • 1x Recovery Helicopter
    • 1x Bridgelayer
    • 1x Firefighter
    • 1x Firefighter with Respirator Mask
    • 1x Diver
    • 2x Emergency Doctor
    • 3x Paramedics

    4 Awards

    • Flood-Saver: Rescued all people threatening to drown in the turbulences in Hamburg!