Mission 01 (EMERGENCY 2012)

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  • Information about the first mission in EMERGENCY 2012.
    == EMERGENCY 2012 - Mission 01 ==

    1 Cologne Cathedral destroyed

    A hurricane over Cologne has damaged a tower of the Cologne Cathedral so badly that it is collapsed. There have been victims among the civilian population!

    TitleCologne Cathedral destroyed
    PlaceCologne, Cathedral

    2 Tasks

    • Get the personnel off the vehicles!
    • Provide the firefighter with an extinguisher!
    • Extinguish burning vehicle!
    • Treat all casualties (1)!
    • Treat all casualties and take them to hospital (1)!
    • Provide the firefighter with jaws of life!
    • Cut open the crashed vehicle!
    • Take all casualties to hospital (1)!

    3 Available units

    • 1x Water Tanker
    • 1x Ambulance
    • 1x Emergency Doctor's Vehicle
    • 2x Firefighter
    • 2x Firefighter with Respirator Mask
    • 1x Emergency Doctor
    • 1x Paramedics

    4 Awards

    • Fast Firefighter: Extinguished a burning car immediately in Cologne!