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  • General information about EMERGENCY 2012.

    1 EMERGENCY 2012

    "EMERGENCY 2012" was released on October 29, 2010 by developer Quadriga Games and publisher Deep Silver. In the first major offshoot of the series since EMERGENCY Police the player has to master various natural catastrophes in a total of 12 missions, which are particularly threatening European cities. Special features of EMERGENCY 2012 are the detailed scenarios, each showing the characteristic buildings and landmarks of the respective cities.

    In addition to the known units, the player has some new vehicles at his disposal, such as a police drone. In the development, attention was paid to the improvement of gameplay, controls and graphics. Compared to the previous versions, the control system has been modified. In addition to the campaign, EMERGENCY 2012 has a freeplay and multiplayer mode. The player can choose here from three different maps, which are subject to a particular climate and with corresponding emergencies.

    A Deluxe version with three additional missions, a special deluxe freeplay map, a bluelight gimmick and a special fire brigade DVD was released with the standard edition of EMERGENCY 2012.

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    In EMERGENCY 2012, there are a number of awards to be gained through clever playing and solving of tasks. The following is a list of all successes.

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