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  • General information about EMERGENCY 5.


    „EMERGENCY 5“ was announced on the 11th of September 2012 by Publisher Deep Silver and was released on the 14th of November 2014. The game developer Sixteen Tons Entertainment, headed by Ralph Stock, was responsible for the development. For the first time since EMERGENCY 4: Global Fighters For Life, EMERGENCY 5 allows a comprehensive modification of the game content. In addition, a graphics engine was developed, which should offer much more details and improved graphic effects compared in comparison to the previous versions.
    At the end of June 2014 selected members of the community were invited to Potsdam to attend a special editor event. Numerous functions of the editor have been explained. The core element of the completely revised editor are comprehensive online functions for collaborative work on projects. Through a server, modding projects can be automatically synchronized between different clients. In addition, more than one person can work on a mission map at the same time. Changes in the editor are transferred synchronously to all other active clients and made visible on the screen.

    „EMERGENCY 5“ offers a completely revised gameplay. The player takes control of various units of fire brigade, police, rescue and technical assistants. In the game itself, he has to monitor the happenings in one of a total of four metropolises and master the different emergencies. Little events and large damage occur at random. As the number of mastered tasks increases, the player's points account increases, enabling the release of new city areas and the purchase of additional vehicles.
    The main feature of the new maps is the size - they are many times more extensive than in the direct predecessors. In addition, they are partly based on thei rcorresponding real cities. Each scenario offers typical buildings and objects for the region, in addition, numerous sights have been faithfully implemented for the game.
    In addition to the classic singleplayer mode, the player is also offered a multiplayer mode. In the team, various assignments on the well-known scenarios can be accomplished. For the first time this is possible in "Versus-Mode" also against each other in the team in the fight for the Highscore.
    Furthermore, "EMERGENCY 5" has been adapted and improved to give the players even more access to the game.

    The new graphics engine offers numerous new effects and a higher detail density of the objects. According to the developers, all vehicles were designed in the game with 5,000 - 20,000 polygons. Extensive motion capture techniques were used to create animations, to make the movements of the game figures more realistic. In addition, the graphics engine provides a wide pool of functions, e.g. Physically Based Rendering. Here, the calculation of the illumination is carried out as a function of the material to which the incident light beams are incident. Furthermore, the graphics engine allows the representation of two polygons, which in the game allows, for example, the placement of larger human masses.

    1.1 Features

    • Hundreds of hours of gameplay with big emergencies: Due to the ever-changing assignments and catastrophes, surprising situations await the players.
    • 3 overwhelming maps (4 Deluxe): The player is responsible for the cities Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, in the deluxe version there is additionally Cologne. The cities are modeled after their great models with great attention to detail.
    • More than 20 groundvehicles and aircrafts: Many different vehicles of police, fire brigade, rescue service and technical forces are waiting for the player.
    • Multiplayer-Mode: Coop-Mode for up to four players in the team on the freeplay cards, with special multiplayer events. There is also a Versus mode for the first time.
    • New Graficeffects: The newly developed engine provides the best EMERGENCY graphics ever. Not a single byte, not a pixel was taken over by the predecessors!
    • Rounded control: EMERGENCY 5 is intuitive and comfortable to use. The interactive tutorials make sure that beginners can quickly find their way around.
    • Complex gameworld: The game world of EMERGENCY 5 is a multi-layered simulation, in which unforeseen events and different solutions are possible.
    • Powerfull Editor: In the editor tool, players can create their own maps and work on the same project for the first time.

    1.2 Deluxe-Version

    A Deluxe version of "EMERGENCY 5" has been released as a Limited Edition with the regular sales version. In contrast to the standard version, the deluxe version offers an additional scenography map, which focuses on the metropolis of Cologne. In addition, the game will feature a historic fire fighting vehicle. In the packaging itself, the Deluxe variant has an exclusive and strictly limited vehicle (Mercedes Benz Atego Ziegler Z-Cab) with an EMERGENCY logo as a miniature model from Herpa. In addition, a turn-around poster is included, on the one hand, an EMERGENCY artwork and the four different metropolitan regions in the game.

    1.3 EMERGENCY 2016

    On October 16, 2015, Deep Silver and Sixteen Tons Entertainment released "EMERGENCY 2016". The game expands the content of EMERGENCY 5 by a mini-campaign around the outbreak of the plague. For this purpose, the plague is to be stopped in medieval Cologne, and the struggle against the plague is to be continued in the German city a hundred years later. In addition, the player can access a new vehicle, an intensive transport vehicle.

    1.4 EMERGENCY 2017

    On 18 October 2016 Deep Silver and Sixteen Tons Entertainment released "EMERGENCY 2017". The game expands the contents of EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016 by another mini-campaign around the international fight against terror. The player starts in medieval Hamburg to prevent a witch hunt. In modern times, the EMERGENCY metropolises are threatened by terrorist organizations and organized gangs. In order to cope with the stakes, players are available to the police for the first time.

    1.5 Missionen


    1Tram AccidentMunich
    2Hang Gliding AccidentMunich
    3Aerial Bomb in the City CenterMunich
    5Shipping AccidentHamburg
    6Gang WarHamburg
    8Plane CrashHamburg
    11Reactor DisasterBerlin

    EMERGENCY 2016

    1The Dreaded Black DeathCologne (middle ages)
    2Outbreak of the EpidemicCologne
    3Mass Panic at the Central StationMunich
    4Fear of the PlagueHamburg
    5Attack on the Aid ConvoyBerlin

    EMERGENCY 2017

    1The Witch-HuntHamburg (middle ages)
    2Hijacking of a Cruise ShipHamburg
    3Bomb Attack at OktoberfestMunich
    4Crushing the Terror CellCologne
    5Attack in the Heart of BerlinBerlin

    In addition to the large tasks, EMERGENCY 5 also offers less extensive bets in small events.

    1.6 System requirements

    Minimum requirements:

    Recommended system configuration:

    1.7 Further information

    1.7.1 Achievements

    In EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016 / EMERGENCY 2017, a number of awards and successes are to be obtained through skillful play and solving of tasks. Here you will find a list of all successes.

    1.7.2 Ranks

    The more tasks a player manages, and the more experience and successes he accumulates, the higher his EMERGENCY account will rank. A list of all ranks can be found on the following page.

    1.7.3 Emergency units and emergency vehicles

    EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016 / EMERGENCY 2017 has a range of emergency vehicles and personnel available to deal with the missions. Here is a list of all vehicles and units.