SDK-Update Patch 1.3 (EM4)

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  • Information about the SDK update patch 1.3 for EMERGENCY 4.
    == SDK-Update für Patch 1.3 ==
    At the request of the community, Patch 1.3 has been added to EMERGENCY 4 in order to add new scripting features that offer new possibilities for scripting.

    1 Camera

    void Camera::StartCamShake(float duration_, float strength_, bool localOnly_ = true);

    2 FireObject

    float FireObject::GetEnergy() const;
    void FireObject::SetEnergy(float energy_);

    3 Object

    4 GameObject

    5 Input

    bool Input::LShiftPressed();
    bool Input::RShiftPressed();
    bool Input::LCtrlPressed();
    bool Input::RCtrlPressed();

    6 Interface

    void ScriptInterface::HideMouseCursor(bool hide_);

    7 OpenHouse

    int OpenHouse::GetChildID(int groupID_) const;
    void OpenHouse::UpdateOpenCloseState();

    8 Person

    9 Vehicle

    void Vehicle::SetMaxEnergy(float energy_);
    void Vehicle::PlayAnimOpenDoor(const char *name_, float time_, GameObject *Caller_=NULL);
    void Vehicle::PlayAnimCloseDoor(const char *name_, float time_, GameObject *Caller_=NULL);
    int Vehicle::GetNumUsedConnectors() const;
    bool Vehicle::RemoveTrainWaggon(GameObject *waggon_);
    int Vehicle::GetNumTrainWaggons();
    void Vehicle::SetWaterStreamStartWidth(float width_);
    float Vehicle::GetWaterStreamStartWidth() const;
    void Vehicle::SetWaterStreamEndWidth(float width_);
    float Vehicle::GetWaterStreamEndWidth() const;

    10 Weather

    void Weather::SetHail(bool hail_);
    bool Weather::GetHail();