Leveldesign (EM4)

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  • On this page you can find all articles related to the level design for EMERGENCY 4. The concept of level design is the visual design of a game world. In the EMERGENCY series, the creation of game worlds refers mainly to the editing of the terrain by raising and lowering the landscape and the placing of buildings, objects, vehicles and persons. In order to create a lively gameworld, it is necessary to set driveways and walkways in the form of streets and paths. Each map also has a basic texture, on which graphic details of the game world are painted.

    In order to control civil traffic at crossroads, traffic light circuits are also required in EMERGENCY 4. The operation and possible constellations are discussed in the following section.

    The foundation of every game world forms a basic texture, the so called groundtexture. All graphic details of the map are drawn in a large image file. This serves as a visible "ground" of the map.

    For the movement of vehicles and civilians fixed paths are necessary, which mark the walk- and streetways. In contrast, operational vehicles are moving towards Streets.

    In order to give the world of the game plastic structures and to create a realistic impression, the terrain has to be worked through by raising and lowering the landscape. For this purpose, the editor provides various extensive tools.