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  • General information about 'EMERGENCY 4: Global Fighters For Life'.
    == EMERGENCY 4: Global Fighters For Life ==
    EMERGENCY 4: Global Fighters For Life“ was published on the 13th of April 2006 by developer Sixteen Tons Entertainment and publisher Take 2 Interactive. In the fourth part of the EMERGENCY series there is beneath to the 20 missions a new campaign mode, which connects the individual missions together. Similar to the freeplay mode, the player gets the responsibility over an entire city and must cope with various emergencies. Between the missions you jump again and again back into the campaign mode, in order to tackle additional tasks.

    The core element of the game is the management of disasters around the globe. The missions consist of classic domestic and foreign missions. For the foreign missions, the TEC has a transport aircraft, that must be loaded before each mission with a limited number of emergency vehicles and units.

    The already well-known freeplay mode from the third part is in EMERGENCY 4 divided into a endless and challenge mode. In addition, an extensive multiplayer mode has been added for the first time in the series history.

    The Trinigy Vision Engine was chosen again as engine, however, in an improved and adapted version. So the game has been extended with numerous graphic effects, which mainly relate to the physically correct representation and particle effects.

    Furthermore, significant changes to the control system were made. The controls are no longer largely based oncontext menus on the right mouse button, but on control interfaces at the bottom.

    1 Deluxe version

    A deluxe version of"EMERGENCY 4: Global Fighters For Life" was firstly published on the 20th of October 2006. In addition to the scope of the regular retail version, three additional foreign missions and a completely redesigned freeplay map are included in the deluxe version. The game also features voice control, a microphone is supplied with the deluxe version.

    2 Missions

    1Construction crane falls on church!
    2Tyre yard on fire!
    3Sting on drugs cartel!
    4Accident at Monster Truck Show!
    5Motorway bridge collapses!
    6Bomb attack at summit!
    7Hacker causes total blackout!
    8Breached levee near the town!
    9Raid in station area!
    10Explosion destroys polar station! *
    11Oil rig on fire!
    12High speed train derailed!
    13Disaster in open pit!
    14Accident in motorway tunnel!
    15Explosion in fireworks factory!
    16Protection for top Informant!
    17Hi-Jack! *
    18Fire at open air concert!
    19Collision at Airport!
    20The Big One!
    21(Deluxe) Humanitarian aid for refugees! *
    22(Deluxe) Humanitarian aid for earthquake victims! *
    23(Deluxe) Worst case scenario in nuclear power plant! *

    * This mission is abroad. The transport is carried by an aircraft.

    In addition to the regular missions EMERGENCY 4 provides freeplay events with smaller incidents.

    3 System requirements

    Minimum requirements:

    Recommended System Requirements:

    4 Cheats

    To activate the cheat mode first enter "magic" (for EMERGENCY 4 Deluxe / Gold "fairy"). On the left of the screen you can read "Cheats activated" then.

    The following cheat codes are available:
    [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd] + [kbd]Shift[/kbd] + [kbd]F10[/kbd] - All missions and medals available!
    [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd] + [kbd]Shift[/kbd] + [kbd]F11[/kbd] - 100.000 Credits
    [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd] + [kbd]Shift[/kbd] + [kbd]F7[/kbd] - Win current mission
    [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd] + [kbd]Shift[/kbd] + [kbd]F8[/kbd] - Loose current mission