Path Meshes (QSF)

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  • Information about the creation of path meshes.
    There are three different types of path meshes:

    • Walkable path meshes (e.g. walkway, river(wall), street_sidewalk etc.) - you can leave the general properties in this case (Walkable Active = on).
    • Path meshes with ignored placement (e.g. streetmarks etc.) - here you'll have to set Walkable Active = Off and add the Decoration Component. You'll also have to set the QUALITY to MEDIUM_QUALITY.
    • Blocked path meshes (e.g. wall, railing, fence, bridgerail, crash_barrier etc.) - here you'll have to set Walkable Active = Off and add a Triangle Mesh Collision Component.

    Attention: In case of the riverwalls the walkway is "walkable" and the wall in the side should be blocked. You can't set this with the existing system. For this reason, you'll have to add blocker for the side on the map by your own.

    If there shouldn't be any shadows, you'll have to set "CastShadows" to "Off".

    It's a lot of work to set the properties every time when creating a new path mesh. For this reason, it's easier to search for certain base meshes in the object broweser and generate them bei multi selection.