Particles (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'Particles' component.

    ActiveControls whether the object will be active/visible in game.
    CastShadowsLets the Object cast shadows in the level.On by default. Not recommended for things like decals and two dimensional objects/textures.
    ParticlesSets the particle asset that should be used.It's not recommended to touch this.
    ScaleVelocityThe scale of the velocity of the particle.Needs to be adjusted as well, when modifying the scale of particle effects within the transform component.
    KeepLocalIf checked, particles are emitted on spot/relative to the emitter.Choice of preference and only really relevant when placing and moving around particles in the editor.
    TightBoundingBoxIf checked, the bounding box is bound tight around the emitting particles. If not checked, it will increase in size when more and more particles are emitting.
    EmitterEnabledSimilar to the "active" property, this controls whether particles are actively emitted or not.This and the "active" property may be unchecked and saved with the prefab, if you want to control the particle effect via code.
    IterationIntervalThe value that determines in which intervals the system must be updated (measured in milliseconds).0.05 means: the system updates the effect every 50 milliseconds resulting in 20 frames per second for the effect. Setting 0 updates the effect each frame, which would have a negative impact on general performance.
    FixedTimeoutThe duration of the particle effect. 0 will ensure that the effect plays endlessly.
    RestartOnActivationIf checked, the effect will restart when activated again.Useful when testing a newly imported effect or effects, that only last a few seconds. This is achieved by unchecking and checking the "active" property several times.
    RepeatAnimationRepeat the particle effect after it has ended.
    DelayTimeDuration in seconds the system waits, before playing the particle effect.Useful for randomization when having multiple particle effects playing at the same time.
    FastForwardLegacy Property (should not be used).