3ds Max Animation export settings (QSF)

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  • Explanation for the export of animations with the 3d program 3ds Max in order to use them with EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016.

    1 Workflow for the export of 3ds Max animations

    1.1 General

    Meshes and their LOD levels need a skin modifier in each case. In order to save work, the skin modifier can be copied from the base mesh onto the LOD meshes. Later the weights of the LODs have to be adapted.

    1.2 Object settings

    Under the tab "Mesh LOD" the LOD meshes have to be assigned to the base mesh.

    For the base mesh and each LOD the preference "Export Animations to Separate Skeleton Files" has to be activated in the object settings under the tab "Mesh Animations". You also have to set the frame ranges and the names of the animations there.

    1.3 After the export

    The OgreMax WinViewer tool doesn't show the animations, if you export them by this way. The exported .skeleton & .mesh files can be imported into the editor by drag & drop and can be viewed there. It's not necessary to import the .mesh files of the LODs manually, the importer does this on his own.