Light (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'Light' component

    ActiveControls whether the lights is rendered in the scene or not.
    LightTypeChoose between point_light, directional_light, spot_lightThis is a situational choice. Click on the different types for more information on them.
    DiffuseColorSet a color overlay for the light.This is done via a simple color picker and RGB values.
    DiffuseIntensitySets the main intensity for the light.Use with caution and in combination with Range. Make sure you have set the default time of day in the map properties.
    TextureLets you load a additional texture for projection.An example of use for this property are the rotating bluelight spot lights, used in EM5.
    RangeDefines the distance the light can travel in world space.This option is recommend for fine tuning lights when working with low intensity values. Setting high values will also increase the visual intensity of the light which is why you should work with rather small values in the DiffuseIntensity slot.
    FalloffSmoothDefines the smoothness of the outer angles of the light.Only allows a value between 0 and 1. Work with small increments to get the desired control.
    SpotlightOuterAngleOuter cone angle in degree.Only affects spot_lights.
    SpotlightInngerAngleInner cone angle in degree.Only affects spot_lights.
    Can't be higher than the outer angle.
    SpotlightFalloffThe rate of falloff between the inner and outer cones.1.0 = linear falloff.
    Only affects spot_lights.
    ShadowFarDistanceThe maximum distance away from the camera that shadows caused by this light will be visible.0 = gobal setting.