Emissive Map (QSF)

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  • Information about the texture type "emissive map"

    1 General

    File extention:*_e.tif
    Image:RGB Color
    Description:Illuminate details. In case of a damage model this is a fire glow texture.

    In case of damage texture.

    For character sub surface.

    2 Vehicles

    It's recommended to build vehicles with three different maeterials. Two for the left and right direction lights and one material for the rest.

    • 3dsmax view. The standard material is colored. All left direction lights are turquoise, all right direction lights are green (the correct color won't be rendered in the viewport).
    • Color map
    • Emissive map for the headlight*.
    • Emissive map for the left side*.
    • Emissive map for the right side*.

    *The color map is the same for all three materials

    2.1 Headlight

    Same as the standard material.

    2.2 Brakelights

    If you haven't created a completely new material for the brakelights in the 3D program, it's recommended to use a completely black emissive map, otherwise the headlights will be activated when during the braking process. In order to realize this, you'll have to create a new material with a black emissive map. The brakelights have to be real lights, you can't realize them by emissive maps. You'll also have to add the material to the light controller of every brakelight.

    The bug of the activiation of the headlights and brakelights together (e.g. at the patrol car) can be solved with this process.

    2.3 Direction lights

    Direction lights have less intensity and can be visualized with emissive maps.

    Create an object for the left direction light (or copy it from another vehicle, e.g. police_mtw). Now attach the Material Light Animation component to it, create it first if necessary. Now assign the material and choose the light position and switching animation in the material. The steps have to be repeated for the right direction lights.

    Color failures
    Color failures like green cast can be removed by the addition of the complementary color (in this case red)