EM5 Complex Fire (QSF)

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  • Information about the 'EM5 Complex Fire' component

    FireEntitiesList of child entity IDs with EM5 Fire Component.For more complex buildings it is useful to work with a few fire entity objects that can be placed manually at individual spots inside the building. This ensures, that the building wont start burning on all sides at the same time, but rather at a few hand picked spots. Another advantage of this workflow is the ability to set manual values for the radius of the EM5 Fire Component. The so called "fire_entity" objects are simply empty objects with a debug box (so they are visual in the viewport and can be touched) and the EM5 Fire Component.
    FireParticleEntitiesList of child entity IDs with the EM5 Fire Particle Options Component linked into the "FireParticleEntities" Slot.