Color Map (QSF)

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  • Information about the texture type "color map"

    1 General

    File extention:*_c.tif
    Image:RGB Color
    Description:Define the color of a surface. There are no lighting information in here.

    Luminance range for dielectric surfaces: 50-240

    Luminance range for metallic surfaces: 128 - 255

    img example
    tutorial range setup in photoshop

    Color of dielectric surfaces

    • based on physical surface colors
    • real world average colors swatch of different surfaces
    • no hard contrast
    • no shadow
    • no directional lighing
    • no light reflections
    • by using photo -> photograph only while overcast lighting to reduce directional lighting -> use a polarized lensfilter on camera to reduce light reflections -> use a colorshart on the photo to correct the color inconsitency + link background info

    Color of metallic surfaces

    • most physicaly correct results with flat colors
    • based on physical f0 value of a real world metallic surface
    • real world metallic f0 values swatch
    • url background info about F0

    What is metallic and dielectric?

    Physical Based Rendering