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  • The SDK contains files and tools in order to support modders with the modification of EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016.

    1 Software Development Kit

    1.1 Übersicht

    2 Editor server

    The editor server is a Windows application, which allows to work simultaneously with other modders on the same project. The application synchronizes the asset packages and all maps, so more than one modder can work on them simultaneously.

    3 Plugin API

    This folder contains the API, which is necessary for programming new plugins.

    4 Sample mods

    This folder contains the project for the sample plugins.

    5 Sample plugins

    This folder contains sample plugins and the source code of some EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016 functions and a template project.

    6 Tools

    You can find the tool Qt Linguist in this directory, which enables the editing of localization files.