Waiting point (EM4)

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  • Waiting points can be used to stop civil persons on a paths for a certain duration.

    1 Waiting points

    'Waiting points' (function key shift + F3) can be used by civil persons with paths. Exceptional the special types of waiting points like 'TFMB-Landingstage' and 'FMB-Landingstage'.

    You can change the frequency, duration, size, type and direction of the waiting point in the settings. If the waiting point isn't placed on a path, the persons stop by the nearest available path point.

    The position of the waiting point can be changed with the left mouse button, with they keys Alt + left mousebutton you can change the height, the right mouse button changes the size and Ctrl + right mouse button changes the direction of the waiting point. Depending on the type, there is also a green circle, which can be edited in the size with the function key Shift + right mouse button.

    2 Type „(T)FMB-Landestage“

    The green circle defines the clickable area of the TFMB (transport vehicle fire boat) and the FMB (fire boat) on the land and water surfaces. The point in the middle of the circle should be placed between the land and the water surface. The arrow has to show into the direction of the water, the radius should be about 350.

    Waiting points are responsible to stop civil persons on paths for a certain duration.