List (EM4)

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  • Namespace / class 'List'
    List are responsible for searching and save actors in lists. You can take single actors from the lists and control them by scripts.

    If you create a list without any further definitions, the list will load all objects from the EMERGENCY 4 modification, this costs very much performance. For this reason, you can define what kind of actors lists should search. The following list searchs only objects, which have the name 'engine'.


    1 Defined lists

    class Actor;
    class GameObject;
    class Vehicle;
    class Person;
    class OpenHouse;
    class Path;
    class SpawnPoint;
    enum PersonRole;
    enum VehicleType;

    2 List ActorList

    3 List GameObjectList

    4 List PersonList

    5 List VehicleList

    6 List FireObjectList

    7 List OpenHouseList

    8 List PathList

    9 List SpawnPointList