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  • With the branding 'EMERGENCY Mobile' the first mobile games of the EMERGENCY series were released for smartphones and tablets. The development and release was done by Quadriga Games and Serious Games Solutions.

    The games are technically based on EMERGENCY 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life, the controls were adpated for the touchscreens of the mobile devices.

    1 EMERGENCY iPad

    The first mobile game was 'EMERGENCY iPad', which was released on the 11th of July 2012 for Apples tablet in the App Store. 'EMERGENCY iPad' is based on the second part of the EMERGENCY series but was enhanced with touch controls and a help system.

    The player has to manage 13 different scenarios, most of them are based on missions from EMERGENCY 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life. The player can control 18 different units. The game also supports the GameCenter in order to share achievements and highscores with other players.

    The new iPad version 'EMERGENCY HD' was released on the 13th of December 2012. The update includes the mini campagin 'Nuclear Meltdown' with three new missions. The setting is based on a nuclear meltdown in an nuclear plant and is availabel by InApp purchase. The iPad version has also got a new minimap and a own EMERGENCY base and also offers support for the Retina display of the iPad.

    At the end of 2015 the mobile version got it's second mini campaign 'Space shuttle crash'.

    Since 2012 the developers have shared information about a freeplay mode for the game many times. At the moment there are no information when this mode will be released.

    2 EMERGENCY iPhone

    At the same time with the update of the iPad version the iPhone version of 'EMERGENCY Mobile' was released at the 13th of December 2012. The functions are identical to the tablet version.

    3 EMERGENCY Android

    'EMERGENCY Android' was availabe for Android smartphones and tablets on the 21th of March 2013 for the first time. The game can be purchased in Googles PlayStore and functions are identical to the iPad and iPhone versions.

    4 EMERGENCY Kindle

    'EMERGENCY Kindle' for Amazone Kindle is available since the 25th of September 2013.
    „EMERGENCY Kindle“ für Amazone Kindle ist seit dem 25. September 2013 verfügbar. The functions are identical to the iPad and iPhone and Android versions.

    5 Missions

    1Train accident
    2Pipeline in flames
    3Pile-up in fog
    4Gas explosion
    5Nuclear submarine accident
    6Coup attempt
    7High speed train crash
    8Maglev crash / airport fire
    9Hindenburg 2 landing
    10Oil tanker crash
    13 (Kernschmelze)Nuclear reactor overheated
    14 (Kernschmelze)Forest fire
    15 (Kernschmelze)Town in danger
    16 (Raumfähre abgestürzt)Shuttle accident
    17 (Raumfähre abgestürzt)Swath of destruction
    18 (Raumfähre abgestürzt)Seaport fire