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  • At the end of 2008 the EMERGENCY series was introcuded with 'EMERGENCY DS' to mobile gaming for the first time. The game was released for Nintendos handheld system 'Nintendo DS'. At the moment there are two DS titles available. In difference to the main series, the controls very simplified and optimized for touch controls.


    With 'EMERGENCY DS' the first mobile title of EMERGENCY was released on the 26th of November 2008. The game has five different scenarios, each including four missions.
    Mit „EMERGENCY DS“ wurde am 26. November 2008 erstmals ein EMERGENCY-Titel für Nintendos Handheld Nintendo DS veröffentlicht. In ingesamt fünf verschiedenen Szenarien müssen jeweils vier verschiedene Missionen bewältigt werden.

    The graphics engine is based on EMERGENCY 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life and also the missions were taken from the game in a very adapted way. The controls of EMERGENCY DS were optimized for the touch screen of the Nintendo DS.

    1.1 Missions

    Mission number
    Mission name
    1In the town
    1.1Traffic accident
    1.2Building fire
    1.3Raid on gasoline station
    1.4Gass explosion
    2Multiple collision
    2.1Start the rescue!
    2.3The center of the accident
    2.4Town in danger
    3Forest fire
    3.1The forest is on fire!
    3.2Refinery in danger
    3.3Helicopter crash!
    3.4Fires are moving towards the town!
    4Airport catastrophy
    4.1Airplane crash!
    4.2Chaos on the airport!
    4.3Clear the runway!
    4.4Clearing work
    5.1Missing person!
    5.2Attention, electricity!
    5.3High speed train derailment!

    == EMERGENCY 2012 DS ==
    Nearly at the same time with 'EMERGENCy 2012' the second Nintendo DS game was released on the 30th of November 2010. Im comparison to the precedessor the controls and help system was improved. The missions are based on the PC game 'EMERGENCY 2012'.

    The graphic engine is based on the first version and the PC game EMERGENCY 2: The Ultimate Fight For Life, but the assets very improved and enhanced in a massive way. The soundtrack of the game was composed from scratch.

    1.2 Missions

    The mission list is incomplete