Attaching children (EM4)

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  • Children are models that can be attached to vehicles. Children are vehicle doors, wheels, bluelights and other additions to vehicles.
    Hint: This entry refers to the article Include vehicles (EM4).

    1 Overview

    Children are nothing else than models. With some special namings, the models will be declared as attachement objects for vehicles and other objects.
    The most important types of children are doors amd wheels. In order to load these objects in to the editor, you'll to name them like the scheme "_doorX" or "_wheelX".

    1.1 Create Children

    If you have included the vehicle model, only doors and wheels are missing. First of all you'll have to create new prototype files, like you did it for the vehicle, and name them with the scheme above. It's important to name doors as '_doorX' and wheels as '_wheelX' at the end of the name. The 'X' can be andy number, starting at '01'. The following prototypes have to be created:

    The following models have to be added to the prototypes files above:

    After you have created all wheels and doors for the vehicle, you should restart the editor. Afterwards you can choose the created vehicle in the objects menu. You should only find the vehicle prototype there - the wheels and doors won't be shown in the menu anymore.

    1.2 Attaching Children

    With a click on the vehicle model and another one on EDIT you can start editing the children. Click on Edit Children in the prototypes menu at first.

    You can attach children like doors, wheels, bluelights, ladders etc. onto the vehicle in this menu. At first we start with the wheels - you can find under the name Wheels[/tt some of them. Click onto [tt]Add Wheel Set and attach a set of four wheels to the vehicle.
    BY pressing the keys [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd] + [kbd]Alt[/kbd] and the left mouse button, you can change the height of all four wheels at the same time. If you press the middle mouse button, you can rotate the model and with the mouse wheel you can zoom it. With this controls you can place the wheels onto the right position.

    You should follow the same procdure for the five doors of the vehicle. At first you search the doors in the menu and add it with the option Add to the vehicle. If you choose the option Snap to Objects you can attach the doors to the vehicle much more easily.

    At last you'll have to do some settings in order to make the doors usable in the game. You can choose between four settings here:

    • None - None special function
    • Personal - For squad members
    • Equipment - For equipment doors
    • Special - For passanger doors on police cars and the patient room on the ambulance

    For the rear door you should choose the option 'Equipmen'. The door on the right side in the back will be named 'Special' in order to make them usable for loading prisoners. The front doors on the left and right side get the name 'Personal' so your police officers can enter the vehicle.

    1.3 Useful hints for doors

    You can use doors as normal doors or sliding doors. Below you can find some settings for the corresponding door type:

    Important: You'll have to confrim the degree values with ENTER.

    Door typeXYZDegreeRevolvingSliding
    Driver doorx-90x
    Codriver doorx90x
    Equipment rackx90x
    Sliding door in the backx90x
    Rear door left side (ambulance)x-90x
    Rear door right side (ambulance)x90x
    Rear door carx-80x

    Codriver door

    Equipment rack

    Sliding door

    Two rear doors

    Rear door