Including vehicles (EM4)

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  • In order to include new vehicles and buildings in EMERGENCY 4, you'll have to follow the steps below.

    1 Including vehicles

    We want to show you the inclusion of new vehicles into EMERGENCY 4 with this example.

    1.1 Preparations

    At first we search the WebDisk of the German EMERGENCY-Fanforum for a suitable model. We choose the model of a police patrol unit based on BMW Touring from TimmeyX, VPI, Florian Hagen, Stormi, DrDrummer und Sven0815.

    1.2 Unzip and move the content

    After downloading the winRAR file, the file has to be unzipped. Afterwards we move the folder into the already created directory.

    In the folder BMW FuStw NRW you can find a lot of .png und .v3o files. You can also find the ReadMe file in it.

    Now we move the whole folder into the Models folder. Depending on your personal workflow and structure, you can choose your own directory system. For this example, we choose the whole folder into the Models folder and use it within it's original structure.

    1.3 Vehicle creation

    For the following step we start the editor and load the modification. You can find the option Vehicles und New in the object menu and create a new group Police with it.

    Go to the recently created entry and click on New. Now you can create a new prototype within the editor.

    You'll have to name the new prototype. In this case it's useful, to choose the real model naming of the vehicle FuStw_BWM_Touring_01. The value "01" is used to add difference namings to the models. If you add differnt vehicles you can use this number to choose the right one.

    Afterwards we'll have to choose a model for the prototype. This can be done by the entry Modellfile. With the 'Browse" function you can search the file BMW F31.v3o and load it with OK in order to attach the model to the prototype.

    In general EMERGENCY 4 activates the option Reflections for a new model. You can deactivate it.

    Next step: Attach childs to prototypes