Schlafenberg Mod

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  • Hallo, I'm way too lazy to type this all up in both English and German, so unfortunately it's gonna be in English for the time being. My family is German and we come from a small village in Bayern, and I really like European apparatus, primarily from 1980-2000. I have had a fictional town that I have referenced as a joke for many years called "Schlafenberg". In 2018 while testing out some new techniques in Photoshop to streamline building an EFT from scratch I joked around and made a small village map and called it Schlafenberg. Every once in awhile I added something new to it, and now I have released a very early alpha version on Emergency Planet.

    Schlafenberg utilizes the base game resources and tasks you with protecting a small village and the country side with professional emergency services. While I'm sure that the town is less that 90,000 citizens, perhaps it was part of the DDR at somepoint :P There is a police station, fire station, hospital ambulance station, and city engineers service.

    Currently I haven't released a new update since the initial alpha, but I am looking to release the next version before the end of the year.

    The goal for the first release of the mod is the following...
    1.) Freeplay EFT that is fully textured, blended, and detailed
    2.) Freeplay map full of freeplay incidents for both original and deluxe
    3.) Several fully functional stations
    4.) Basegame vehicles that have been re-uvmapped and skinned to reflect changes in municipalities over the last several years as well as updating the game with HD textures.
    5.) A wider variety of pedestrian skins to reflect a more vibrant town
    6.) Countless small changes to reflect a more realistic environment and promote more strategic gameplay.

    Already the game has scripts that allow for vehicle spawning, changing of protective equipment, expanded healing, and much more!

    You can see that the mod contains stations from this site, the fire station can be found here and the rescue station can be found here. I would also like to thank Chris07, Losangelesi, and NewFoundKing for their help with this project and their friendship for over a decade.

    I am looking for help with this project as well, particularly with re-uvmapping the vehicles in the game.