Bieberfelde - Next Generation | Troubleshooting

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Note about the webdisk: Downloading larger files should be possible again.
  • The original EMERGENCY 5 launcher can cause problems with the installation of the modification. This can result in missing files. To solve this problem, we recommend to install the modification manually.

    1st Step: Delete the cache

    Start the EMERGENCY 5 launcher and click onto "Appdata folder". This is the appdata folder of your EMERGENCY installation. Select the folder "cache" and delete it.

    2nd Step: Delete the prior Bieberfelde installation

    You'll have to delete prior Bieberfelde - Next Generation installations first. Open the appdata folder once again. Now open the folder "mods", select the folder "bieberfelde_next_generation" and delete it.

    3rd Step: Reinstall Bieberfelde

    Navigate to your EMERGENCY data folder. The location of the folder varies, depending on the choosen installation path, your EMERGENCY version and whether you own the boxed or Steam version of the game. If you own the Steam version, you can find the folder here:

    YOUR-HDD:\Steam\steamapps\common\EMERGENCY 20\data

    If you own the boxed version of EMERGENCY 5, you can find the folder here:

    YOUR-HDD:\sixteen tons entertainment\EMERGENCY 5\data

    Download the Bieberfelde - Next Generation modification and unzip the ZIP-file into your data folder. Don't unzip the files directly into your data folder. All files have to be in a folder with the name "bieberfelde_next_generation". If you are finished, your data folder should look like this:

    Now you can activate the modifcation in your launcher and start the game.

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