Modding Need For Speed HighStakes to a ColdWar feel :P.

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  • I have been a long time modder of the game NFS HighStakes on PC. Early on I noticed how great many Emergency 3 and 4 vehicles work with this game (though they need upsized by 200% because they are tiny sized) Inspired by the old D.D.R. mod I decided to place a D.D.R. feel to the game by making a D.D.R. track as well as D.D.R. police and other vehicles, Sadly though most of the ones from the D.D.R. mod couldn't be used due to the fact they are shells with no real dimensional body lines in the wire frame work :heul: . Anyhow, I figured I'd share with you'all some D.D.R. police vehicles that I have been able to make for NFS HighStakes and I welcome all who wish to join in on my project, It grew from just a D.D.R. mod to include 7 ColdWar countries and their police (or as in U.S.S.R.,Romania,Bulgaria,and Poland=Militia) The countries I hope to make tracks for are now: Bulgaria,Romania,Poland,and Czechoslovakia,I have done a Soviet track with help from another modder and hope to have it ready for release soon :).

    For the most part the police are in the authentic uniforms as well, However on some I don't have enough space on the TGA so it's not always possible to do that.

    More pics soon, Vehicles include: Volga,Wartburg,Lada,Zaz,UAZ,Moskvitch,Warszawa,Polski Fiat,Dacia,Trabant,and hopefully (if all goes well) Barkas B1000. :search: :rolleyes: .

  • During my countless research hours I found some rare Soviet Militia police cars (1987 Ford LTD and 1990 Chevy Caprice) Now I already knew they had some 1990 Caprices in use but I had no clue they also got some 1987 Ford LTDs..I wonder if they might even have had some Dodge Diplomats or Plymouth Gran Furys? Anyone know and have the pics, I will make and add them to the mod.
    The following pics show the Ford LTDs just prior to being marked and put to service, They was donated from various U.S. dept.s

    (non GAI unit)
    GAI units marked and being prepped for service

    1990 Chevy Caprice Belarus:

    :golly: Odd lightbar, Appears to be a U.S. Yankee-Dietz but with added non transparent white plastic caps on the sides :doofy: .